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6 Things to Know About Edible Printer Images

by Marcella

Have you ever come across a cake with a beautifully adorned image and wondered how they could design it? Well, the answer is not far-fetched, as it was done by an edible printer. That’s right, edible printer! At first, it can be a whole lot confusing thinking about all the times you ate that sumptuous cake and then slowly coming to the realization they probably are paper.

As funny as that may seem, it’s flattering to know that you believe images from edible printers look so real but take comfort knowing it was not printed on paper.

What are edible printer images?

These are actual images printed off an edible printer. Many bakers use these images to decorate cakes as requested. Like the name also suggests, these images are edible.

What are edible printer sheets and inks made of?

It’s probably the question that has bothered you since you heard about edible printer images. These edible sheets are made from starch, rice, potatoes, and sugar. These are all-natural food items. Made into sheets, the images can be impressed onto them.

The inks are also made from edible ingredients. Like normal printer ink cartridges, edible inks are loaded into cartridges and placed into the printer. However, these edible printers are specially designed to use these types of cartridges and print edible pictures.

Can any image be printed?

Yes, any image can be printed on an edible printer. So let your imaginations run wild on whatever image you want to print. As long as there’s an edible sheet and ink, an edible printer will print out the image. The only requirement is that whatever the chosen image, it must be one with a high resolution. This is the only way to ensure the image maintains quality when placed on a cake.

Can a cake with an edible printer image be iced?

Yes, it can. Just ensure it is done with care and preferably with a piping tip. Then, go crazy with the designs and ice carefully on top of the images. Cakes can do with a little extra coloring and beauty!

How long does it take to print an edible printer image?

It’s about the same time it should take to print any other image. You wouldn’t necessarily have to wait long. All of these are determined by the availability of the sheets, ink, and selected image to be printed.

How do you place edible printer images on a cake?

Printing the images is the easy part of the whole process. Setting the images on the cake must be done carefully with steady hands. If there’s ever a need to cut the image, it’s better to make the cut while the image is still on the sheet. It’s a lot harder to work around the sheet when it’s only on the cake.


Edible printer images are the evolution of cake decorations. They offer bakers and party lovers a wide range of options to decorate cakes. Edible images are made possible with sheets made from sugar, rice, etc., and edible inks. Specially designed printers are used to make all of these edible printer images.


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