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How Suorin Air Plus Pod Kit is Better Than Other Pod Kits

by Marcella

Cigarettes contain high levels of nicotine which are highly addictive. Their smoke also contains tar and other harmful chemicals which are highly injurious to health. To escape this all, many people have shifted to e-cigarettes which contain a fraction of nicotine. They are even used by people trying to quit their smoking habit.

Vapes are much less harmful than cigarettes and provide you with an experience of your lifetime. But to get this experience, you have to have a vape that is elegant and stylish too. If you’re on the lookout for this type of vape, try using suorin air plus pods. These vapes are different from any other pods on the market. Read the article to find out how!

What Features Make Suorin Air Plus Pod Kit Stand Out?


Made of high-quality aluminum covers and premium plastic inserts, this is one of the finest vapes on the market. This model stands at the top of the list in the Suorin air series. It features a card-style modern design, and when talking about its measurements, it has a thickness of 9.9mm, and its height and length are 93.2mm and 49,9mm, respectively. Its overall look is compact and thin, weighing only about 52grams. Its mouthpiece is small and is located in the upper right corner over the cartridge pod. There are LED lights on the side of the vape and a USB charging port at the very bottom.


Battery capacity and battery life are two of the most essential things vapers check in a vape before buying. This is because they want a long-lasting vaping experience that will leave them satisfied. Suorin comes with a 930mAh battery and can be charged easily and swiftly with a type-C cable. You can consume its battery till the very end and charge it after it has been powered off.

Light Indicators

Charging is an important matter in vaping, as said before. Suppose your device indicates to you the battery percentage. It’s no less than a luxury. And Suorin air plus pods screams luxury because it features a five-grid light indicator system which is located at the sides of the e-cig. Five lights will hint that the battery is full or above 80%. As you keep puffing on it, the lights will go out one by one. The last one will indicate that you need to charge it soon. If you still don’t charge it, the last light will glimmer three times, and the vape will be dead till you charge it again.

Security Protection System

A good vape is one that protects its users from all possible harm. Since it is an electronic device and uses voltage to operate, the vaper can be seriously hurt or injured. Furthermore, the device itself can go dead if not adequately protected. Keeping in mind all these concerns, this vape comes with short-circuit and open-circuit protection, overcharge and over-current protection, as well as low-voltage and 5s-vaping protection.


since vaping has been trending for quite some time now, new and more intriguing colors, designs, patterns and skins have been introduced. Every vaper tries their best to buy an e-cig that looks the best and helps them stand out from the crowd with its uniqueness and beauty. This is what Suorin vape pods offer, making them the best of the best. There is everything for everyone when it comes to Suorin vapes, so grab one for yourself now!

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